2019 Things I Learned

Every year for the past… ummm… wow, it’s been a lot of years. The first of those lists was from 2014 and it’s still the last post on my previous blog site.  The lists started because the radio program that I listen to most mornings ends their daily broadcast with “what we learned”. They go around the room to each of the hosts and get a funny remark/synopsis of the day’s funny happenings.  Mine sort of started off that way. Then, they got more personal and meaningful.  Here’s my list for 2019. Many of these only have meaning to me. Some have been redacted because they were too personal or could expose me to issues that I’d rather not face in public yet… or ever.

You may notice a “Work Week” row in there, too. Each week, on Friday, I write down a few things that I accomplished at work that week. Then, when it comes to annual review time, I have 45 or so entries to look at instead of combing through a year’s worth of emails trying to figure out what the fuck I actually accomplished. It works great. And, if you have a weekly catch-up with your boss, it’s great to bring up to him/her during that call. Your weekly catch-up becomes 30 minutes of you bragging about what you accomplished.

This year, in addition to recording a “thing I learned” each day, I also added three positive things/thoughts to my daily recordings.  This was something that I adopted from my friend Catrina. Not sure exactly how it came about or how she uses it, I just know that she was my inspiration (as she often is). I may post that list too. I’ll have to see how much of it is too personal to share when I review it.

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Pacemaker Award

Apparently my academic accomplishments in the Executive MBA program qualify me to apply for consideration for the Pacemaker Award from the University of Toledo. The award is presented to selected undergraduate and graduate students based on academic and non-academic achievements and contributions of the student spanning the College, University, and the community.

If I am lucky enough to get the award, I’ll be presented with a $300 award and I’ll be invited to a dinner sponsored by the university.

I only wish I had more community contributions and club/group memberships to put on my application. Unfortunately, I was too busy being a full time single parent to join + participate in a lot of extra things when I was an undergraduate. Getting my graduate degree while working full time and participating fully in my daughter’s life was sufficient to keep me busy for the past year and a half.

This recognition would look nice on the resume, but I’m not holding my breath.