Progress 2021.02.28 :: Deadline Fall 2022

I’m working toward the goal of selling my house and moving to Maryland so that Teri and I can finish what was always meant to be. Before I can do that, I want to make my house as finished as I can do that I can get top dollar for it. The house actually owes me nothing – though I won’t profit from the sale, I should get out of it what I paid for it. I’ve basically lived here rent free for 23 years – ignoring the thousands of dollars in interest I’ve paid and the other thousands I’ve put into upgrades and maintenance.

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Pandemic Post 7 :: Laying Floor

The trailer floor is in! It took me the better part of one whole day, but I’m over the moon about how it looks.  I don’t have all of the floor captured in pictures, but I did do 100% of the floor – including both ramps. There are, of course, a couple of things that I wish had turned out better and a couple of things that I can improve later.  But, overall, it’s flippin’ awesome.

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Pandemic Post 1 :: Vegetable Garden

Today, I dug out my new vegetable garden. I’m not sure how many plants I’ll actually put in, but I dug out a plot that is 6 feet by 17 feet. That gives me 7 rows spaced about 20 inches apart. Since I’m just one person eating these veggies, I think that’ll be way more than enough.

I put the garden plot way out near the back of the yard because that spot gets sun most of the day.

My wallet is about $70 lighter because I had to buy some chicken wire to keep the critters out (mostly to keep Endo out), a 75′ soaker hose, and some cardboard planters to start a few of my plants indoors. When I pulled up to Lowe’s I was surprised by the line out front. And, I was a bit shocked at how few people were wearing masks.  Note, I know it looks like these people were standing very close together, but I assure you that it is due to the angle and the lens. Everyone was keeping safe distance.

Among the plants that I’m starting indoors are 2 different types of tomatoes, 2 types of peppers, and a whole tray of strawberries. I’m not sure where I’ll put the strawberries. I think I may end up building a planter-box that I can keep on the deck.

These are the plants that will go in the ground once the rain has passed us… probably on Friday.

2019 Things I Learned

Every year for the past… ummm… wow, it’s been a lot of years. The first of those lists was from 2014 and it’s still the last post on my previous blog site.  The lists started because the radio program that I listen to most mornings ends their daily broadcast with “what we learned”. They go around the room to each of the hosts and get a funny remark/synopsis of the day’s funny happenings.  Mine sort of started off that way. Then, they got more personal and meaningful.  Here’s my list for 2019. Many of these only have meaning to me. Some have been redacted because they were too personal or could expose me to issues that I’d rather not face in public yet… or ever.

You may notice a “Work Week” row in there, too. Each week, on Friday, I write down a few things that I accomplished at work that week. Then, when it comes to annual review time, I have 45 or so entries to look at instead of combing through a year’s worth of emails trying to figure out what the fuck I actually accomplished. It works great. And, if you have a weekly catch-up with your boss, it’s great to bring up to him/her during that call. Your weekly catch-up becomes 30 minutes of you bragging about what you accomplished.

This year, in addition to recording a “thing I learned” each day, I also added three positive things/thoughts to my daily recordings.  This was something that I adopted from my friend Catrina. Not sure exactly how it came about or how she uses it, I just know that she was my inspiration (as she often is). I may post that list too. I’ll have to see how much of it is too personal to share when I review it.

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7 X 16′ Enclosed Cargo Trailer from Snapper Trailers

I did a LOT of research before selecting Snapper (a division of Georgia Made Trailers) to build my custom trailer. I finally settled on Snapper. I’m glad I did. They make a fantastic product with a lot of attention to detail.  This video is my introduction of Snapper Trailers to you.

Yesterday, I went to Cycle Werks in Bowling Green, OH to get some cardboard so that I can mock up my interior layout. And, as a first step, I put 3 bikes in the proposed cargo/garage area to make sure that it matches my expectations.  Just by doing that, I learned that I will probably want to Continue reading

Cargo Trailer Conversion :: Taping off the Layout

I’ve laid-out the potential configuration of the cargo trailer camper. I think I’m happy with this, but I’m still going to mock it up with cardboard before I go all-in. The most frustrating part of doing this is that I’ll be well over $1,000 into the build before any real, obvious progress can begin. Before you’ll see any changes in the interior, I have to

take down all of the interior plywood, add insulation, add all of my electrical wiring. This includes anticipating my future needs and wiring for that. And, since I plan to include solar on the roof, I’ll have to include the wiring for that. Then,I can Continue reading

I Love My Job

Or, at least, I love the benefits I’m afforded on this job.  The other day, I worked the afternoon from the beach. Then, 2 days later, I worked the afternoon from the banks of the Maumee river. I swear the $12 I spent on the hammock tripods  is among the best money I’ve ever spent.

The only down-side to this spot is the proximity to the expressway. There’s constant road-noise, but it’s easy to ignore (in my opinion).

Brunch Experiment

Today’s brunch experiment (@4pm) is buttered toast with avocado, havarti cheese, poached eggs, and a dollop of pineapple-Sriracha jelly.

Simply amazing.

World’s Luckiest Pappy

I just might be the luckiest man on the planet.

Tonight, Jenna and Michaela came over for a celebratory dinner.  Jenna got back into the nursing program in the fall and Michaela passed her stats class with an A.  They both brought their babies… Braelyn & Aiden with Jenna and Sadie with Michaela.

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