Brush and Phone Stand, etc.

Some awesome things happened this week! First, I paid off my student loans from grad-school instead of buying a replacement van. Not to worry, though. I’ll still buy Adventure Van 2.0. It’s just that my student loans were at 7% interest and I can get a used car loan for 4.4%. By doing this, I’ll save several hundred dollars!

On the Van 2.0 topic, Chris and I drove to Akron on Saturday to look at a 2012 Sprinter that had moderate miles. The body was in great shape. And, it had a “clean CarFax”. Note: Clean CarFax means exactly squat if there are things wrong with the van that have not been repaired! This piece of crap needed at least $5,000 worth of work. The worst of which, the turbo didn’t work. So, it wouldn’t even Continue reading