The Winter Version

Maumee Bay State Park is among my favorite places on Earth. I go there so many times during the warmer months that I might be better off if I just rented a campsite. You’ve probably seen a plethora of pictures of the beach during the summer when people are playing (Lord knows you have if you follow me). Today, I had the place to myself. It’s still a gorgeous spot, even with a light snow cover.

That last picture is a fish that someone had set up on a picnic table – presumably as a feast for the gulls. And, while you can’t see it in that picture, trust me when I say that the gulls were thoroughly enjoying the meal.

I can’t wait to put a kite in the air, again.

Bridges – Photo Walk

Ryan Tester and I went for a photo-walk in downtown Toledo with Bridges as our theme. We started with a foot bridge near the train station. Then, we went to the High-Level/Anthony Wayne Bridge. Finally, we scoped out some shots for next time at the Veterans Memorial Skyway.  I had a lot of fun doing this. You never know what kind of beauty you can coax out of an old abandoned thing until you really spend some time with it. The foot bridge was like that.  I was instantly bored when we walked to the far side – for better light. Then, I looked closer. Then, closer still.