Pandemic Post 4 :: Three on the Water

It wasn’t a great day. It wasn’t a warm day. It wasn’t a day when all of the locals showed up to kite. It wasn’t even a good wave day. But, it was a bonus session on a day that was supposed to be saturated with rain from early morning until… well, until Wednesday.

Ryan, Jay and I rolled in to MBSP parking lot shortly after 10 am and debated for far too long about which kite/board to employ. Eventually, Continue reading

Six Hours Under a Kite

Ryan and I were the early crew. We rode foils for about the first 3 hours. Then, the forecast delivered and we switched to twin-tips. At one point, there were 5 kites on the water. I think there were 8 of us throughout the day. Andy, Bobby, Luke, Joel, Jen, Stephan, Mark, Ryan, Me. Yup… 8 kiters and one windsurfer. I can’t believe none of the other windsurfers showed up.

I can’t remember the last time that I spent 6-hours kiteboarding. I’m exhausted. As usual, there’s no pictures of the cameraman.  Ryan did get some drone footage of me kiting, but we’ll have to wait to see if there’s anything worth sharing.

Here’s the video of me riding with Mark Musgrave of Red Sky Surf & Snow… My adrenaline dealer.

Six Hours Under Kites

Today, I spent 6 hours at the beach – most of under the kites. This is all I have to show for it. Well, this, and sore forearms from holding the bar. It was an absolute EPIC day.

It’s so good to be me.

This, by the way, is Ryan.

A New Challenge Under the Kite

I recently bought the aluminum foil kit from Clearwater Hydrofoil. The kit came with an aluminum mast and fuselage. I also ordered the surf wing (largest wing below), kite wing (middle one) and the tail. And, I ordered a short aluminum mast which will make learning much easier

The wings were just plain wood so I needed to fiberglass them before I could use them.  This required so many hours of work! I wasn’t close to prepared for what would be required.  There’s a 4-hour curing time for each of the following steps…

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