7 X 16′ Enclosed Cargo Trailer from Snapper Trailers

I did a LOT of research before selecting Snapper (a division of Georgia Made Trailers) to build my custom trailer. I finally settled on Snapper. I’m glad I did. They make a fantastic product with a lot of attention to detail.  This video is my introduction of Snapper Trailers to you.

Yesterday, I went to Cycle Werks in Bowling Green, OH to get some cardboard so that I can mock up my interior layout. And, as a first step, I put 3 bikes in the proposed cargo/garage area to make sure that it matches my expectations.  Just by doing that, I learned that I will probably want to Continue reading

Dakine tailgate pad

Today, I got my newest bike related toy. It’s a Dakine tailgate pad that will protect the tailgate while securely holding up to seven bikes. I like it, but I wish it was attached in a more secure manner. It’s only held in place by 3 nylon straps.

I also bought a coated steel cable to secure the bikes to the truck. I’ll have to see if I can use that to hold the pad in place against theft.

Protracted Ordeal

Today, after a protracted and rather tedious process, I finally picked up my settlement check for the totalled Endo Adventure Van V1.5. The accident was February 25th. It took over two weeks after that, just to get an appraiser out to the little Virginia town where the carcass lay.

Since then, I’ve been chasing my local claims adjuster to get me an actual cash value settlement offer that was even in the ballpark.

First, they offered a rather insulting number that was $3,500 less than I paid for the van just 2 years ago. I demanded justification for that valuation and explained that it was extremely low.

Then, I asked about covering the upgrades that I had installed. They weren’t going to cover any of it. After a couple of days dealing with the branch manager, I got him to consider those upgrades that I was unable to salvage and i provided him with a list of just the physical items that I had added to the van and was not able to strip out when I gutted it after the wreck – not considering all the labor that went into it. That list was nearly $3k.

Later, they came back with an offer that was… Closer, but still no cigar.

Frustrated, I put in the work that they should have put in and found a dozen comparables, three of which were within 200 miles of Toledo. All of them were priced at Continue reading