Pandemic Post 11 :: An Epic Weekend

The weekend started early with Kantar (my employer) adding recognition for Juneteenth as a company holiday this year for the first time.  I was able to clear my calendar after 10am and I spent the rest of the day learning about the different experiences of People Of Color (POC) and Whites. I read about it. I listened to a podcast about it. I watched 2 videos about it. That theme continued through the weekend with additional reading and listening.

While I listened to the podcasts, I worked on the screen room sewing. I finished the sewing just in time to head out to MBSP for an hour kite-foiling session. After the session, we just chilled out in the trailer for the rest of the day. I put the bed down for a while and Endo and I laid there watching the world go ’round. Endo went for a swim and we did a couple of laps of the park with the longboard.

I’d have stayed for the sunset, but I was getting hungry.

Sunday started with a workout.  WOD 2 didn’t happen because it took me 40+ minutes to do WOD 1. George Floyd will have to wait until another day to get his.  I did this workout outside because it was only about 80 degrees and there’s just something super gratifying about dropping the bar when you’re done with a set.  Endo guarded the barbell between sets.

Then, we hooked up the trailer and towed it out to MBSP for another afternoon of fun. This time, we mostly played with the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). I had worked with Endo in the living room to get him to stand on the board. I had worked with him in the yard. I had even rocked it side to side to get him used to the motion of the waves.

When the rubber hit the road (so to speak) and I asked him to get on the board in the water, he didn’t hesitate. He trusted it and trusted me completely. He dug his nails in a bit at first, but he was quickly distracted by a stick floating nearby and an irrepressible need to retrieve said stick.  I used that distraction as an opportunity to use the paddle to propel us toward the object of his desire. He didn’t mind it one bit.

After some floating around in the little inlet, we paddled out to the other side of the rocks and over to the next inlet. He was fine the entire trip. In fact, we did it a couple of times and he was ready and eager to jump back onto the paddle board each time I asked him to.



We capped off the awesome day with some frisbee and made some new friends. Everybody loves Endo. I’m pretty sure that only 5 people still love Raymond.

Pandemic Post 5 :: Gratitude Redux

I have mentioned this before. So, forgive me that this is a duplicate of sorts.  Every day, my postal carrier, Tim puts a Milk Bone dog treat in the mailbox for Endo.  This is a tradition that has gone on for almost a year.

Because Endo associates the letter carrier with the treat, he gets SUPER excited every time he sees Tim. …or any other postal carrier. Every couple of months I supply Tim with a bag of treats for Endo and any other dog on his route.

Recently, Tim has gone the extra mile and brought a treat to the mailbox even on days when he doesn’t have any mail for my address.

Yesterday, I included a thank you note with the bag of treat and a $20 tip for Tim.

Today, I got a thank you note back.

Tim the Letter Carrier

I’ve never tipped a postal worker before. I’ve never felt the need to. They deliver the mail. That’s their job, right? Why should I give that person a tip? Their wages aren’t predicated on receiving tips. The mail isn’t going to make it into my mailbox in a better fashion or more timely if I tip them. So… why bother?

This year was different. This year, my letter carrier, Tim, has gone the extra mile – so to speak. He comes to my mailbox every day regardless of whether or not there’s anything for me in the post. He does this because Endo makes a big stink about it. Endo loves USPS employees. It started with Nick, my previous letter carrier. Nick would stop and talk to me and give Endo treats whenever he would see me out working on the van (RIP) or the trailer (more on that after it warms up a bit). When Nick bid for, and got a better route, we had subs/temps for a few weeks before Tim took over the route full time. To continue the treat offerings routine, I asked Tim if he would take a treat that I had left out on top of the mailbox and tuck it under the lid for Endo. This way, Endo gets treats; Endo continues the positive relationship with the USPS; and, Tim wouldn’t have to spend his own money on treats for my dog. Apparently most letter carriers carry treats in the bags for the good dogs on their routes.

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