Downtown Scooter Session

I went downtown to take some photos – just to get some practice with different lighting. As I was walking along Summit St, I saw two kids on scooters cutting through an atrium next to that parking garage that faces the park. On the other side of the atrium was a fountain that I hadn’t remembered ever seeing before. So… new subject matter, right? Cool!

I snapped a couple pics of the fountain and looked around for the next interesting shot when I noticed that the ledges around the fountain had been ridden by skaters and they’d done some grinding on those ledges.  The wild part of what happened next is that I had just watched a video on YouTube by B&H Photo about how if you just park yourself in an interesting spot, the photos will often come to you. You don’t always have to go searching for them.

I started to sit down on the steps to do exactly that; wait for the pictures to come to me. Just then, the two scooter kids came back through the atrium. The kid in the blue/white shirt said, “Hey do you want to get some pictures of us grinding that ledge?”

“Hell yes!” was my reply.

Here’s what I got. As always, if you’d like a full size image or a print, let me know. I’ll hook you up.

IMG_9176 IMG_9256 IMG_9204-Edit IMG_9165-Edit IMG_9155-Edit IMG_9078 IMG_9058-2 IMG_9058 IMG_9057 IMG_9056 IMG_9050 IMG_9045 IMG_9044 IMG_9042 IMG_9041 IMG_9353 IMG_9341 IMG_9309 IMG_9307 IMG_9303 IMG_9300 IMG_9284 IMG_9282 IMG_9270 IMG_9264 IMG_9261 IMG_9259 IMG_9258 IMG_9162 IMG_9214