Workout with the barn kids

Still recovering from covid and having some breathing issues lately, but I still showed up and did my best.

For the first part, I did fine. That was 10 rounds of 2:00 EMOM with…

8-10 bench press
8-10 toes to bar/medicine ball sit ups

The second workout was cardio and I only made it 2 round before calling it because I was out of breath. It took 4 minutes to recover to normal breathing…. So weird. So annoying.

Pandemic Post 4 :: Three on the Water

It wasn’t a great day. It wasn’t a warm day. It wasn’t a day when all of the locals showed up to kite. It wasn’t even a good wave day. But, it was a bonus session on a day that was supposed to be saturated with rain from early morning until… well, until Wednesday.

Ryan, Jay and I rolled in to MBSP parking lot shortly after 10 am and debated for far too long about which kite/board to employ. Eventually, Continue reading

Acknowledge Three Positives

In 2019, I added to my daily journal entries by recording three positive things that happened or occurred to me on that day.  I don’t know if anyone besides me will find value in this, but in the case that I might inspire someone else to add this to their mindset, I offer my 2019 positives list…

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Saturday Workout

On Saturdays, I like to join my Cog Monster friends for a really hard workout. Today was no different. Though, this time, Stephanie joined us for the Twelve Days off CrossFit workout.

Other than the fact that we all forgot how the sequence of the song goes, it was a very tough and rewarding workout. Steph was kind enough to forward the pics that she and Brian took of me. They both finished before I did… As usual.

Today, I graduated to 55# on the barbell and I feel it. The push presses were the hardest bit.

The workout was…

12 Days of Christmas
1 – Sumo Dead Lift High Pull
2 – Front Squat
3 – Power Snatches
4 – Power Cleans
5 – Pull-ups
6 – Burpees
7 – Push Presses
8 – Dead Lift
9 – Push-ups
10 – Wall Ball (and one attack on Brian)
11 – Thrusters (First set 50lb second set 20lb)
12 – 30″ Box Jump Overs

Finished in 36:30…ish. I took a few minute break after I threw the wall-ball, missed the wall and hit Brian – who was sitting in the doorway taking pictures – on the ankle. Pretty sure it hyper-extended his ankle. Hoping that’s all it is.

Feel really bad about it.