Work: I’m a Technology Business Analyst at Kantar, working in the Insights division. I embrace change.  In fact, I seek it out, initiate change, and inspire others to embrace it.  I’m creative and I inspire those around me to be creative, too.


  • University of Toledo Executive MBA
    Concentration: Executive Management
    Graduation: 2011
    GPA 3.87
  • University of Toledo Bachelor of Science
    Concentration: Computer Programming
    Graduation: 2000
    GPA 3.57
  • Owens Community College Associates of Applied Business
    Concentration: Computer Programming
    Graduation: 1997

Home: I’m a father of 2 and grandfather of 5.  While I have lived in Toledo, Ohio most of my life, I did spend some time living in Glendale, Arizona and Riverside, California.  I also lived a short time right across the border in Erie, Michigan – but that’ basically a Toledo suburb that happens to be across an imaginary line.

Hobbies: As a Gen-X “kid”, I’m all about adrenaline sports.  My true first passion is kiteboarding, but the others are close to my heart (and adrenal gland) as well.

  • Kiteboarding – My most favored kites are made by Slingshot. I use a Dakine harness.
  • Snow-kiting – I list this separate from kiteboarding and snowboarding because I’ve managed to acquire sufficient gear to make this unique.  My snow-kite board is a GNU 161.
  • Road Biking – I ride a Kuota K-Factor 2008. I typically log between 1,000 and 3,000 miles per year on my road bike.
  • Mountain Biking – I added to my addictions and my toys with the purchase of a mountain bike and I’ve come to enjoy this activity more than road biking.
  • Snowboarding – My favorite place to ride is Mad River in central Ohio.  For “mountain” riding (as opposed to snow-kiting,) I use a DC PB&J.

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