Progress 2021.02.28 :: Deadline Fall 2022

I’m working toward the goal of selling my house and moving to Maryland so that Teri and I can finish what was always meant to be. Before I can do that, I want to make my house as finished as I can do that I can get top dollar for it. The house actually owes me nothing – though I won’t profit from the sale, I should get out of it what I paid for it. I’ve basically lived here rent free for 23 years – ignoring the thousands of dollars in interest I’ve paid and the other thousands I’ve put into upgrades and maintenance.

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Workout with the barn kids

Still recovering from covid and having some breathing issues lately, but I still showed up and did my best.

For the first part, I did fine. That was 10 rounds of 2:00 EMOM with…

8-10 bench press
8-10 toes to bar/medicine ball sit ups

The second workout was cardio and I only made it 2 round before calling it because I was out of breath. It took 4 minutes to recover to normal breathing…. So weird. So annoying.