Pandemic Post 4 :: Three on the Water

It wasn’t a great day. It wasn’t a warm day. It wasn’t a day when all of the locals showed up to kite. It wasn’t even a good wave day. But, it was a bonus session on a day that was supposed to be saturated with rain from early morning until… well, until Wednesday.

Ryan, Jay and I rolled in to MBSP parking lot shortly after 10 am and debated for far too long about which kite/board to employ. Eventually, we settled on the 9m + foil board for Ryan and myself. Jay made do with what he could… 10m and twin-tip.

Jay went for a swim and missed last-chance-beach once.

Each time we came in for a break – be it from stray rain shower, or lack of wind, we debated on which kites/boards to use.

Eventually, I switched to the 11m and twin-tip. Ryan stayed on the foil.

PART I (Foil)

PART II (Twin Tip)