Pandemic Post 6 :: Slacker

I bought a slackline. If you’re not familiar, a slackline is like a tight-rope, but it’s 2″ wide. In the most simple terms, it’s a 2″ ratchet strap. You can string it up between 2 trees or any other objects that are capable of handling 600 pounds of side-pull. It takes a while to learn, but as you do learn, you get a good core workout. After you’ve learned, then you can start learning tricks. Not like backflips or anything, but things like turning around, squatting, squatting on one leg, sitting and standing back up, etc.

You suspend it about 3 feet above the ground so there’s not a lot of penalty for failure. That means it fits in my wheelhouse.

Pandemic Post 5 :: Gratitude Redux

I have mentioned this before. So, forgive me that this is a duplicate of sorts.  Every day, my postal carrier, Tim puts a Milk Bone dog treat in the mailbox for Endo.  This is a tradition that has gone on for almost a year.

Because Endo associates the letter carrier with the treat, he gets SUPER excited every time he sees Tim. …or any other postal carrier. Every couple of months I supply Tim with a bag of treats for Endo and any other dog on his route.

Recently, Tim has gone the extra mile and brought a treat to the mailbox even on days when he doesn’t have any mail for my address.

Yesterday, I included a thank you note with the bag of treat and a $20 tip for Tim.

Today, I got a thank you note back.

Pandemic Post 4 :: Three on the Water

It wasn’t a great day. It wasn’t a warm day. It wasn’t a day when all of the locals showed up to kite. It wasn’t even a good wave day. But, it was a bonus session on a day that was supposed to be saturated with rain from early morning until… well, until Wednesday.

Ryan, Jay and I rolled in to MBSP parking lot shortly after 10 am and debated for far too long about which kite/board to employ. Eventually, Continue reading