Pandemic Post 1 :: Vegetable Garden

Today, I dug out my new vegetable garden. I’m not sure how many plants I’ll actually put in, but I dug out a plot that is 6 feet by 17 feet. That gives me 7 rows spaced about 20 inches apart. Since I’m just one person eating these veggies, I think that’ll be way more than enough.

I put the garden plot way out near the back of the yard because that spot gets sun most of the day.

My wallet is about $70 lighter because I had to buy some chicken wire to keep the critters out (mostly to keep Endo out), a 75′ soaker hose, and some cardboard planters to start a few of my plants indoors. When I pulled up to Lowe’s I was surprised by the line out front. And, I was a bit shocked at how few people were wearing masks.  Note, I know it looks like these people were standing very close together, but I assure you that it is due to the angle and the lens. Everyone was keeping safe distance.

Among the plants that I’m starting indoors are 2 different types of tomatoes, 2 types of peppers, and a whole tray of strawberries. I’m not sure where I’ll put the strawberries. I think I may end up building a planter-box that I can keep on the deck.

These are the plants that will go in the ground once the rain has passed us… probably on Friday.

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  1. Tonight, I planted everything that can start outdoors. I hope the spinach is tasty because I planted a whole 6′ row of it.

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