Six Hours Under a Kite

Ryan and I were the early crew. We rode foils for about the first 3 hours. Then, the forecast delivered and we switched to twin-tips. At one point, there were 5 kites on the water. I think there were 8 of us throughout the day. Andy, Bobby, Luke, Joel, Jen, Stephan, Mark, Ryan, Me. Yup… 8 kiters and one windsurfer. I can’t believe none of the other windsurfers showed up.

I can’t remember the last time that I spent 6-hours kiteboarding. I’m exhausted. As usual, there’s no pictures of the cameraman.  Ryan did get some drone footage of me kiting, but we’ll have to wait to see if there’s anything worth sharing.

Here’s the video of me riding with Mark Musgrave of Red Sky Surf & Snow… My adrenaline dealer.

30 Minutes Per Day

I love to draw. It’s relaxing. It’s Zen. I’m not great at it, but I get better with daily practice. I’ve subscribed to a channel on YouTube called “Jazza”. It used to be called Draw With Jazza and I’ve learned a lot from him. He has tutorials on his channel for drawing on the computer using Photoshop. Jazza also has an app called Jazza’s Arty Games which helps you come up with ideas for things to draw.
Yesterday, I decided to try to draw 30 minutes a day. It may happen. It may not. But, when it does, I’ll post updates here.

The first task was to draw “A gargoyle which just got out of bed with a bloody knife”. I only took it to the sketch stage, but here it is.

As I get better and as time permits, I will flesh out the drawings more with color and shading. …assuming I stick with this 30 minutes a day initiative.

I Must Have Earned This

Every now and again, Endo will pester me (pawing at my right shoulder) until I put my arm on the center console. As soon as I do, he stops pestering and puts his paw on my hand/arm.

They say that you get out of your relationship with your dog exactly what you put into it. But, I’m fairly sure I’m getting double.

I love this pup so hard.