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I’ve read a few articles lately about the amount and types of data that will be generated by Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). Every single article talks about the data that will be generated by the vehicle itself. I’ve yet to see anyone discussing the real value generated by these AVs. To wit; what are the people in the vehicle doing while they’re being transported from point A to point B?  Here’s yet another recent example…

Automakers have a choice: Become data companies or become irrelevant

While I don’t disagree with the headline, I do believe that of the various revenue generating data streams, the one that will require constant evaluation and examination is the Occupant Activity (OA) stream.

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Killin it at Oaks

Endo and I went for a ride at Oak Openings today. It was just shy of six miles riding through the swamps of NW Ohio. We only stopped twice to give Endo some water and take a picture. Both times, I was eaten alive. Endo didn’t seem to have any problem with the mosquitoes. In fact, every time he ran through a puddle, he scared up a billion of the little bastards.

Later, after the rain passed, I went for a solo ride and got in 30 miles. One bad pass and one obnoxious idiot who told me to fuck off and called me an asshole when I told him that bikes are supposed to ride with traffic, not against.

Endo and I finished off the day with some 🥏 and “come” training at Schneider Park.

Good day!

Brunch Experiment

Today’s brunch experiment (@4pm) is buttered toast with avocado, havarti cheese, poached eggs, and a dollop of pineapple-Sriracha jelly.

Simply amazing.

A New Challenge Under the Kite

I recently bought the aluminum foil kit from Clearwater Hydrofoil. The kit came with an aluminum mast and fuselage. I also ordered the surf wing (largest wing below), kite wing (middle one) and the tail. And, I ordered a short aluminum mast which will make learning much easier

The wings were just plain wood so I needed to fiberglass them before I could use them.  This required so many hours of work! I wasn’t close to prepared for what would be required.  There’s a 4-hour curing time for each of the following steps…

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Pete’s Picks 2019-05-21


Pete’s Picks 2019-05-21












Pete’s Picks 2019-05-16


Pete’s Picks 2019-05-16

Here’s a couple of days worth of my reading.  Sorry for the gap. I’ve not been on top of things. Waiting sucks.



5 Breakthroughs Coming Soon in Augmented and Virtual Reality



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