Maumee State Forest – Easter Sunday

I told you I’d get better! Out of 300 pictures, I managed nearly 200 pics worth sharing.  I think I’ve found a new way to spend a weekend afternoon when I’m done with the bike and there’s no wind.

I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking the pictures. I think, for a change, editing the pictures was actually more fun than taking them. I was pleasantly surprised at how well most of them came out!

Prices, as always are:
$8.00 each or 3-for-$15.00 for digital images (suitable for sharing online but not good enough for printing).
$35.00 for full size digital prints (suitable for 8X10 at a minumim)
8X10 prints are $20.

Send me an email – – to let me know what pics you’re interested in buying.

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Maumee State Forest – First Attempt

Today, I learned that the correct place to stand is on the inside of the turn, not the outside. I’m giving myself a break though. This was my first attempt at photographing motocross. They’ll get better, I’m sure. These two guys were nice enough to stop and chat with me for a few minutes. I will probably see them again… they gave me some valuable insight into upcoming events and happenings. Thanks guys!

Unfortunately, they were the only ones on the trail, still. While they were nice enough to loop around and ape for the camera, I only got a couple of decent shots. So… here they are.

IMG_7126 IMG_7135-Edit IMG_7156-Edit

Walleye Run Day 2 – Buttonwood Park

More shots of the anglers out there today trying to find their 4-walleye limit. Lots of full stringers came out of that section of the river today. The Marlboro and FS Pickup Truck demographic represents well on this, the first day of spring.  Way to go, gang!

Most of these pictures are of people who will probably never know they exist. I like the shots from across the river, but I had no way to get my card to them. I need an assistant on the other bank dropping my business card into people’s tackle boxes! My kids are too old to be suckered into that kind of work and my grand-kids aren’t old enough to walk the banks alone. Feh.  Anyway, if you see anyone here that you know, feel free to share the link with them.

Hell, share the link anyway. You never know.

If you’d like to buy a copy of any of these, prices are:
$8.00 each or 3-for-$15.00 for digital images.
8X10 prints are $20.

Drop me an email with the name of the picture that you’d like to purchase and I’ll hook you up —

Early Walleye Run

Today, I ventured down to the river to get some pictures of Toledo area people being awesome. It’s nearly the start of the walleye run and people were out in the river trying to catch something. I didn’t see anyone haul one in so I think the water is still too cold.  It looked like they were enjoying the effort though. I think I’ll take the kayak out next weekend and see if I can get some shots from the water.  I worry about getting in the way, though. I’ll have to be very careful about that.

If you’d like one (or more) of these pictures, please contact me at I’ll hook you up with a digital image (minus the watermark) or a print –

digital = $8.00 each, or 3 for $15.00.
8X10 prints for $20 each.

Mid March Madness

Well, the wind was forecast for between 30 and 50 and I think it delivered. This time was much cleaner wind than last time, too. Unfortunately, I was the only kiter. Ryan had something come up at the last minute and John, well… something about taking a delivery and back doors or something like that.  Who knows with him. He might not even be a kiter any more.

Mark and Gary represented the windsurf crew with some ancient gear. For Mark, it was the Big Wind Wednesday board which had been hanging in the shop since 2002. And, other than the lack of grip on top, I think he did OK on it.  Gary was on a 3.0 sail that just looked too small. Though, I’m sure he had his ass handed to him a few times. It was that kind of day.

At any rate, here are the pics I managed to grab.

IMG_6621 IMG_6648 IMG_6649 IMG_6650 IMG_6664 IMG_6665

The Winter Version

Maumee Bay State Park is among my favorite places on Earth. I go there so many times during the warmer months that I might be better off if I just rented a campsite. You’ve probably seen a plethora of pictures of the beach during the summer when people are playing (Lord knows you have if you follow me). Today, I had the place to myself. It’s still a gorgeous spot, even with a light snow cover.

That last picture is a fish that someone had set up on a picnic table – presumably as a feast for the gulls. And, while you can’t see it in that picture, trust me when I say that the gulls were thoroughly enjoying the meal.

I can’t wait to put a kite in the air, again.