Self Portraits at Side Cut Metropark

I was bored today, so I decided to go take some shots that I’ve had in mind for portraits. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some paid models for these shots in the not too distant future. I like the way they turned out. However, posing one’s self is more awkward than posing for someone else.

Indoor Soccer – Jackson

Indoor soccer presents one of the hardest shooting situations I’ve ever encountered. The lights are really high up with the ceiling heights required for such a sport. And, they’re not very bright. So, we need a high shutter speed to capture the action, and we need a low f-stop to let in as much light as possible. That means high ISO, unfortunately. Now, if I had a $2K lens with 400mm zoom and 1.8 max aperture and image stabilization, I could still get some much closer shots with good quality. These will have to do with the equipment that I have.

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Jackson Garber