‘Rents Portraits

I LOVE these pictures. This afternoon will stay with me for as long as I draw breath. My parents are so much fun to be with. They were, of course, apprehensive about posing for portraits. To settle their nerves, I hooked the camera up to the laptop and then ran the HDMI cable to the 60″ television.  Then, I set up Lightroom to shoot tethered and snapped a few shots. In short order, they were hamming it up and enjoying the experience.

My favorite…


If you’re interested in having your portrait done, please contact me at pete@hustwayte.com.

Home Brewer Yard Sale

I’m getting out of the home-brewing game. Today is your opportunity to take advantage of the hard work I did to research and acquire the best gear available for making quality home brews – including sours!

For the low, low price of $500, you can get (full retail price in parenthesis)

  • Wort Chiller ($60)
  • Burner ($45)
  • Keggle Branded “Cog Monster” (priceless)
  • 2x Water Filters ($21)
  • CTS Temperature Control Computer ($14)
  • pH Meter ($22)
  • Bungs for Carboy ($5)
  • 5x Airlocks ($5)
  • Magnetic Stir Bar ($6)
  • Stir Plate ($20)
  • Flask ($10)
  • Bottle Fill Wand ($6)
  • 2x Hydrometer ($14)
  • Grain Scale [up to 12 lbs] ($180)
  • Digital Kitchen Scale ($13)
  • Thermometer ($15)
  • Bottle Capper ($17)
  • Mash Stirrer ($3)
  • Paint Stirrer [for aerating wort before adding yeast] ($10)
  • 2x Auto Siphon [one for sours] ($20)
  • Mash Tun ($80)
  • Bucket Lid Wrench ($9)
  • 10x Buckets ($30)
  • Carboy ($44)
  • Carboy handle ($11)
  • Strainer Bag ($9)
  • Hydrometer Test Jar ($4)
  • Freezer [with external CTS1000] ($120)
  • Dual Chamber Fermentation Box [with CTS1000 and 2 paint can heaters] (priceless)Here’s pictures of the items…

That’s well over $900 worth of gear for $500!