With a whimper

Sometimes, our yellow dwarf neighbor fights the dusk with all the fire and brimstone she can muster. Other days, she quietly dips below the horizon with barely a wimper… followed by a showy wave good-night.


Pacesetter Park Skate Session

Click here for the full gallery!

Saturday, between my bike ride and my evening plans, I made another trip out to Pacesetter Park in Sylvania to snap some more action shots.  Overall, I’d say it was a great shoot. Though, the light got worse the longer I was there.

In addition to the gallery that I uploaded here I also got some sequence shots. Click the image to view the action.
IMG_8149 IMG_8169


The first photo in the gallery is actually a shot of the skate park at Highland Park in South Toledo. I only included it because I went there first. Unfortunately, it didn’t appear that there were many kids really trying to work on good runs or specific tricks.  So, I went to the top of the hill and snapped the overhead shot for the Tilt-Shift photo that you see here.IMG_8091-Edit


If you’re interested in buying any of these photos as prints, let me know by email pete@hustwayte.com or by commenting below with your FB login. I’ll be happy to hook you up for a good price.

To the three little groms on inline skates.  Sorry, the shots that I got of you didn’t turn out – with the exception of one (the Frontside Nut-slide).  Next time, perhaps.