Black Swamp Cog Monsters

Last year, when I rode the Michigan Mountain Mayhem I made some really great friends. You can read my MMM write up at my other blog, here. During that ride, we kept rolling out of rest/food/water stops just as another particular team would roll in. They looked great and they were clearly a team as they all wore matching jerseys – seen here.


They were the dark jerseys with “O2” on the back. I think it was during that ride that we all realized how cool it would be to show up in matching jerseys when we show up at organized/group rides out of town. Unfortunately, the TAB jersey doesn’t exactly scream bad-ass.

We wanted something that suggested that we were there to make circles and take names.  Since that early June ride, that group of great-friends has grown to include others who were not part of that MMM 2013 ride, but are very strong riders. They all loved the idea of a more aggressive jersey. And, I’ve worked hard to create a jersey that says:

  1. We’re from NW Ohio
  2. We’re bad-ass
  3. We’re here to make circles and take names

20131221093338.Black_Swamp_Cog_Monsters_US029250_JER001_Normal_v1_03 20131221093315.Black_Swamp_Cog_Monsters_US029250_JAK001_Normal_v1_03

This is what I came up with for the 2014 jersey.  I’m very excited to place this order! I will be ordering 2 jerseys and a jacket. One of the jerseys will be framed and it will hang in my office at work.


I’ve already designed the 2015 and 2016 jerseys.  Though, I may just make them all available next year and create a store. That way, we can order accessories like socks, arm/leg warmers, rain-gear, etc.

So… how do you qualify to be a Black Swamp Cog Monster?  Simple – just buy a jersey.

If you would like to order one of these jerseys, let me know and bring me your money by February 1st.  Here’s the price list… (in the leftmost [CS10] column) 

Note: I will split up the shipping cost and you can pay your portion when you pick up your Black Swamp Cog Monsters jersey in April.