El Tipico

Tonight, my girlfriend and I went to the newly remodeled El Tipico restaurant on South Ave.  I hadn’t been there in quite some time – several years.  They had closed over the summer to remodel and I was anxious to visit one of the best authentic Mexican restaurants in the area.  I had purchased a discount from corporateperks.com hoping to save a buck or two.  The coupon has a face value of $25 and requires a $45 purchase. Since they don’t serve alcohol at El Tipico, we didn’t even come close to spending the required $45. In fact, we barely spent $25.

The food was yummy, but it wasn’t the authentic flavors that I remembered.  Don’t get me wrong, it was all quality ingredients served hot and fresh and the new interior is beautiful.  The food is all reasonably priced and the staff is very attentive. We’ll definitely be back and we’ll take the kids with us so that we can use the coupon that I’d purchased.

My favorite part of this particular visit was when the server brought our check.  She informed us that there was, in addition to the bill, an envelope with a prize within the standard black folder that they bring your bill in.  The envelope, she explained, must remain closed until after the new year. Actually, it’s February & March – probably the slowest time of year for them.  Then, if you bring it back to the restaurant, they’ll open it to reveal the prize indicated within.  The possible prizes include…

  • Discounts & Free Food
  • Taco Bar Party for 25
  • Manicure
  • Jewlery (Yes, they spelled it that way on the envelope) – if you’re from WV near the Ace Adventure Resort, you may prefer “jewellry”. The rest of us prefer “jewelry”.
  • Pinata
  • 2 Hour Limo Ride to El Tipico and Dinner for Two
  • A Two Night Stay at the Housley House in Grand Rapids, OH.

I just love this promotion.  It costs them nothing if you don’t return.  If you do return, they win with repeat business.  You’ll likely keep this envelope somewhere that you’ll see it from time to time so that you don’t forget to return after the new year. That keeps El Tipico on your mind.

A tip of the sombrero to you, El Tipico.  Well played.