Three flats in one ride

Tonight, I SAGged out 4 miles short of the finish of the TAB Thursday night ride after suffering the third flat of the ride.  Well… technically, I only had 2 flats, but we re-inflated the tire after the second one and it held for about 2 miles before I noticed that it was flat again.  I let the group continue without me and I convinced myself that I would be walking the remaining four miles back to Sidecut park.  When I attempted to change the first flat, I discovered that the 16g CO2 cartridge – that I’d just bought tonight at Wersell’s – didn’t fit in my CO2 nozzle.  Lovely.  Luckily, someone else (didn’t catch his name and don’t remember him from other rides) was kind enough to lend me a CO2 and their nozzle. When we stopped to refill the tire at the second opportunity, someone else – Rick Rump perhaps? – gave me another CO2 and nozzle. Thank you both.

After the second flat, EVERY TAB rider that passed me as I walked back offered help. One even went to his house (nearby) and got his car to pick me up.  He was about 2 minutes too late as El Presidente, Rick Rump had already come back to get me.  We were lifting my bike onto Rick’s bike rack when the other SAG ride arrived.

After Rick dropped me at my car, I loaded the bike onto the bike-rack and joined about a dozen TAB riders for dinner at El Salto Authentic Mexican Restaurant.  Conversation and food were both really good.  Got to know Jim House a bit better.  He’s a nice guy and a great rider.
When I got home, I pulled out the tube from my still-flat front tire and the tube that I’d changed on the road and compared the holes to the tire.  Each hole was in a different spot.  The first one was a pinch flat on the sidewall.  The second flat was from a very small piece of glass that must have poked its way through.  It was still embedded in the tire but it was 99% on the outside of the tire.  Only one small point had poked through.  I think I’m done with flats for now, thank you very much.  I had a blow-out on my 13 meter Slingshot Fuel (kite) on Saturday, then I suffered a flat on Tuesday night on my ride with Chris.  Tonight’s ride was just the icing (two layers of icing!) on the cake.

Odometer YTD: 2199.99

June saw 270.7 miles getting me within spitting distance of 2200 miles for the year.  June was also probably the worst month of riding so far with only 11 days in the saddle.  I really hope to get back into it for July and August.  In fact, just 3 rides into July and I have nearly 150 miles behind me.

The new Garmin Edge 500 on the handlebar stem is inspiration enough to keep plugging away.  I have to do some hard work one of these days, soon.  I have to determine my max heart rate because the standard calculation of 220 – your_age doesn’t work for me.  That calculation gives me a max of 175.  I can hold 170 BPM for 10+ minutes, so I’m sure that my max is a bit higher than 175.

I’ve had a strange longing lately to put on the running shoes.  I believe that strengthening my core and improving my running will, in the end, improve my biking speeds.

If you started following my site for my book reviews and business news thoughts, fear not.  I will get back to that eventually.  Once the days get shorter and the nights get colder and the fall winds subside, I will resume my readings and commentary.  Or, perhaps I’ll be back in school.  I haven’t decided, yet