Odometer YTD: 1929.29

May saw 834.88 miles in the saddle that included the hardest ride of my life and one of the hottest. See the AOMM ride description in the previous post for the hardest. The hottest ride was the Memorial Day 100K which ended up being 83 miles once I rode to/from the organized ride. The speeds on that ride were stupid fast. Most of the TAB faster group are already in mid-season form and punishing each other as frequently as possible. Clearly I’m going to blow away my 3K mile goal for this year. Perhaps I should double it? If I have 800+ miles for each of June, July, August and September, double is doable.

Nahhh… I need some kite time, now. Plus, I have 2 vacations coming up – one will NOT involve biking at all.* I may end up taking bikes to NC at the end of June. I haven’t decided yet.

*That’s the plan now, any way.